Living Room

Living Room – Arab and American; healthcare reform without women?

An estimated 3.5 million Americans are Arab; some are Muslims; some are in the US Armed Forces; one opened file and killed 13 people at Ft. Hood.  What's it like to be Arab-American?   We find out.  PLUS:did the Democrats sell out women to get a healthcare bill through the House?  and what are women doing about it?  With host Kris Welch, noon to one.

guests: Alia Malek, Syrian-American, formerly attn'y, Civil Rights Division, US Dept of Justice; free-lance writer (Salon, New York Times): author (A Country Called Amreeka: Arab Roots, American Stories)

        Ellen Shaffer, co-dir. Center for Policy Analysis
        Darcy Burner, exec. dir. American Progressive Caucus Policy Foundation
        Cindy Pearson, exec. dir National Women's Health Network


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