Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 6, 2009

House Passes Landmark Healthcare Bill with Amendment Backed by Anti-Abortion Lawmakers; When the War Comes Home: Iraq Veteran at Fort Hood Speaks Out About Last Week's Mass Shooting; Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya: Talks Are Off with Coup Government After Deal Collapses.


    * Unemployment Rate Reaches 10.2 Percent
    * House Passes Healthcare Reform Bill
    * Report: Obama to Send 34,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
    * Iraq Passes Election Law
    * Climate Talks in Barcelona Conclude in Acrimony
    * Supreme Court to Look at Life in Prison for Juveniles
    * Senate Confirms Controversial Pick to Head Mining Office
    * Report: 237 Members of Congress Are Millionaires
    * 20,000 Japanese Protesters Rally Against New US Military Base
    * Obama to Meet with Israeli Prime Minister in Washington
    * Palestinians Knock Down Part of Israeli Separation Wall
    * Thousands Mark 20th Anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Wall


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