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Pushing Limits – Service Cuts – Will You Stand With Us?

Critical cuts to people with disabilities who rely on California’s In Home Support Services (IHSS)
have begun. Pushing Limits talks to Bobby Bogan, Executive Director of Seniors Organizing Seniors. Bogan sees both fear and courage as the State of California implements massive cuts.

On November 1st, 130 thousand people will be reduced or axed from the IHSS program.  Over
450 thousand people face unannounced home visits and routine fingerprinting.  Seniors, people living with AIDS and the developmentally disabled community face similar and overlapping slashes to programs they depend on.

Bobby Bogan’s San Franciso organization based in the South of Market area, Seniors Organizing
Seniors, deals with the effect of these cuts first hand. He joins Pushing Limits producers, Eddie Ytuarte, Adrienne Lauby and Nick Feldman, for stories of resistance, community self-help, and advice about appealing individual cuts.

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