Living Room

Living Room – Healthcare update; sister relationships; The Bald Soprano.

Healthcare reform is on the march!  or maybe creep…what's it look like from here?  We find out.  PLUS: linguist Deborah Tannen's new book on communication between sisters.  And a revival of Ionesco's absurdist play "The Bald Soprano".  With host Kris Welch, noon to one.

guests: Ellen Shaffer, co-founder/director Center for Policy Analysis (wrote Kucinich's states-opt-out bill, allowing states to institute single-payer if they choose)

        Deborah Tannen, prof. linguistics, Georgetown University; best-selling author (You Just Don't Understand; You're Wearing THAT?, etc.); new book: You Were Always Mom's Favorite: Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their lives

        Rob Melrose, Paige Rogers, co-founders Cutting Ball Theatre, opening 10th Anniversary season with The Bald Soprano, Eugene Ionesco


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