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Women’s Magazine – Black August Commemoration: Part Three

According to Mumia Abu-Jamal, August–in both historic and contemporary African American history–is a month of meaning, a month of repression. So today, the last day of Black August, you will hear about the significance of Black August. You will also hear stories of resistance, both individually as well as collectively, from people like Georgia Jackson, the mother of slain freedom fighter, George Jackson, Black Panther veterans Angela Davis and Kiilu Nyasha. Additionally, you will hear stories of repression and rebellion as we present Black August Commemoration: Part Three. Black August was originally produced by warrior woman and revolutionary journalist, Kiilu Nyasha. This Black August Commemoration focuses on the life of freedom fighters and revolutionaries, including Soledad Brothers like George Jackson, and Black Panther women honoured at San Francisco State University earlier this year, thanks to Terry Collins, host of The Spirit of Joe Rudolph on KPOO Radio, 89.5FM and www.kpoo.com. We have music from Sweet Honey in the Rock, Nina Simone and Steel Pulse, as well as Jovelyn’s World and the weekly calendar of events.

Hear it this Monday on Women's Magazine at 1pm on KPFA, 94.1FM and online at www.kpfa.org. Hosted by Jovelyn Richards and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.


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