Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – Black August; Black Panther Women

According to Mumia Abu Jamal, August–in both historic and contemporary African American history–is a month of meaning, a month of repression. Hear segments from the four hour Black August special originally produced by Black Panther veteran and revolutionary journalist, Kiilu Nyasha and aired on KPFA October 2006. Also, as many freedom fighters such as the San Francisco Eight will tell you, it is the strength and support from Black Panther women which helped move the cause forward. Thus, we have personal testimonies from Black Panther women, who were recently honoured at the forty year anniversary celebration at San Francisco State University. The special was made possible thanks to Terry Collins of KPOO Radio, 89.5FM/ Music in today's show includes Esther Phillips, Gil Scot-Heron, Steel Pulse and Nina Simone.

Hosted and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.


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