Special Programming

Sunday Morning – June 17, 2007

this episode is no longer available

George Papagiannis is Vice-President for Policy and Government
Affairs for Internews Network. He has also served as Director of
Program Development and Support. He is a veteran award-winning
journalist with 20 years experience in broadcast news, programming and
management, newspapers, and the Internet.

He will be talking about his experiences working for the last several
months with refugees on the Chad/Sudan border.

Markos Kounalakis, producer of the animated film "The War Prayer".

Poet André Spears, to talk about the role of poet vis-a-vis war.
André Spears is the author of Fragments from Mu (A Sequel) (First
Intensity, 2007); his other works include Xo: A Tale for the New
Atlantis (1983) and Letters from Mu (Part I).

Jeremy Landsman at KYES in Alaska, to talk about what’s happening up
there, and Leigh Robertes from Radio Free Moscow in Idaho to talk
about what’s going on there.

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