Special Programming

KPFA Special Broadcast – June 9, 2007

this episode is no longer available

Sunday, June 10th marks four decades of Israel’s illegal military occupation of Palestine, against a backdrop of nearly sixty years of
ethnic transfer and displacement.

On this national Pacifica special, producers from around the country investigate the cause and effect of Israel’s continuous military
occupation policies toward the Palestinians, which permeates every aspect of life – from the suffocating checkpoints and land theft inside the West Bank to the violence and chaos inside a hermetically-sealed Gaza strip; to the issues of identity and culture in a widening diaspora.

As international witnesses to an ongoing crisis in occupied Palestine, this special will also address America’s role of responsibility toward the intractable Palestinian-Israeli crisis and offer avenues of involvement in peace, justice and solidarity movements.

Hear Palestinian voices from the older generation and today’s youth movements, from refugee camps and the Palestinian diaspora.

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