Puzzling Evidence

Puzzling Evidence – June 5, 2009 at 3:00am

Tonight’s program features news headlines from the Americas and a special report on Honduras with on-the-spot observer, Journalist Andres Thomas Conteris.

We’ll also hear guests Julia Sabory, S.F. Youth Commissioner and Henry Morales, with CARECEN's youth program discuss the Alex Sanchez case and related Bay Area youth issues. We’ll stroll through the Streets of Aztlan and hear about the new Berkeley art gallery Pueblo Nuevo Artspace with our guests, Diana Negrin and Plinio Hernandez We will highlight the songs of touring Mexican musician Alfonso Maya.

Produced by Ventura Longoria, Vanessa Bohm, Ctone, Julieta Kusnir, Emiliano Echeverria, Carmen Andrea Rivera and Nina Serrano.


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