Making Contact

Making Contact – Tax Me, I¹m Yours

Tax time. It¹s a blessing or a curse.  Maybe you¹re celebrating the extra cash or maybe you¹re reeling from the hit to your bank account. Either way, taxes are something we all have to deal with, whether we like it or not.  They¹re the life¹s blood of public projects and much needed social programs.  And now, in these hard economic times, more attention is being paid to where our taxes are going, who¹s paying their fair share and who¹s not.

On this edition, we¹ll talk to folks who say we need to reframe the tax structure to support and sustain ³the commons²Š those public spaces and common grounds we all share. From upper income New Yorkers to public school teachers in Nevada, many are crying, tax me, I¹m yours.

Jo Comerford, National Priorities Project (NPP) executive director; Mike Lapham, Responsible Wealth director (Project of United for a Fair Economy); Allen Bromberger, Manhattan law firm attorney; Bob Fulkerson, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) executive director; Holly Davidson, Bobby Clark, Anne Peer, Missy Allen, Grady Tarbutton, Lisa Stiller, Marsha O¹Malley, Kathy Oviatt, Paula Berkeley, Missy Allen, Jackie Taylor, Robert Townsend, Jan Gilbert ­­ Nevada citizens testified at Reno Town Hall Budget meeting; Kim Klein, Building Movement  Project member.


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