Radio 2050

Radio 2050 – April 4, 2009 at 6:30pm

In this week’s program, we take you to Tehran and Paris to get a sense of the unfolding political situation in Iran in the aftermath of the presidential election in that country. Following an official announcement by Iran’s interior ministry declaring incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the presidential election, millions of disaffected Iranians spontaneously poured into the streets of Tehran and other major Iranian cities to protest the result of this election. Since Saturday, June 13, these protests have gone on unabated.

Malihe Razazan speaks to Sohrab. He is one of those hundreds of thousands of Iranians who participated in a historic march on June 15.  He talks about his observations and his reactions to the contested election results.

Later in the program, Shahram Aghamir will be in conversation Paris-based long-term activist and journalist Nasser Mohajer who will offer his understanding of these events.

Also, in the program, Khalil Bendib will talk with SC Mocha about the music and activism of his France-based musical band Checkpoint 303, which will be coming to the Bay Area this week for a couple of concerts.

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