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Free Speech Radio News – March 9, 2009 at 3:30pm

Restaurants, bars and clubs are often places to imbibe, to pass the time, to savour. This could include the food, music, spirits or someone's company. Bebe Bertolet, proprietor of Six Degrees on Solano in Albany, has created a space “serving the best Cosmo in town.” With over twenty years of management experience, expertise in development and non-profit management, Bebe has raised millions of dollars from foundations, corporations and individuals. She has been committed to philanthropy since her high school days in West Philadelphia, volunteering for youth gang programmes to share her passion for the arts and community. Currently she serves on the board of Albany's Chamber of Commerce. So Bebe Bertolet will join us on Women's Magazine to discuss her journey which has led to Six Degrees on Solano (1403 Solano Avenue, Albany).

Also joining us this afternoon is Anna de Leon, a former Civil Rights Attorney who now practices Constitutional Law. Anna was recently selected as an honouree by the City of Berkeley, Commission on the Status of Women, to receive the Outstanding Women of Berkeley Award for being one of the “extraordinary women who live, work or learn in Berkeley, and who have done outstanding work in the Berkeley community.” Owner of Anna's Jazz Island in Berkeley (2120 Allston Way), Anna's inspiration for opening her first restaurant stems from her daughter, Aya, recommending the reading of Misunderstood Women. A desire to feed people and an even stronger passion for singing has led to Anna's Jazz Island. So Anna's journey, similar to that of Bebe Bertolet, is linked to the arts, creativity and people. Hear all about it this afternoon on Women's Magazine, along with Jovelyn's World and more. The KPFA live line will be open for questions and comments.

Hosted by Jovelyn Richards and Safi wa Nairobi, with co-production by Ms M.

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