Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 2, 2009 at 6:00am

David Cay Johnston: More Corporate Tax Breaks Will Not Stimulate the Economy; Maliki Allies Ahead in Iraqi Election; Voters See Election of Maliki's Party as "Most Expedient Way to End the Occupation."


    * 21 Afghan Police Officers Killed in Suicide Bombing
    * 43 Civilians Die in Pakistan Fighting
    * GDP Shrinks 3.8%, Most Since 1982
    * McCaskill on Corporate Executives’ Pay: “These People Are Idiots”
    * Despite Economic Crisis, States Shrink Welfare Rolls
    * Al-Maliki & Allies Poised for Sweeping Victory in Iraq
    * Sri Lankan Hospital Shelled; 13 Dead
    * Daschle Questioned Over Tax Problems
    * Obama Expected to Tap GOP Senator to be Commerce Secretary
    * Obama Decides Not to End Extraordinary Rendition Program
    * UN’s John Ging: Israel Is Blocking Humanitarian Aid from Gaza
    * Spain to Amend War Crimes Law
    * Islamist Leader Elected President of Somalia
    * Norway Blacklists Bar


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