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Visonary Activist – Embodying Trickster Activism!

For our live Breer Rabbit jump through the doorway into 2009, Caroline welcomes inspirational embodiment of Compassionate Trickster, Tim DeChristopher, who on December 19th, as a Trickster Agent of the CommonWealth, and supported by all the flora and fauna of this planet, saw the open door of opportunity and jumped right through to disrupt the BLM oil and gas auction by bidding against participating oil & gas companies. He ended up "winning" the leases for 22,500 acres of beautiful land near Moab. You can find more details at
His actions have struck an inspirational resonant chord of support.
Tim writes: "In addition to the moving effect on me, this support has also opened up the real possibility of paying off the leases which I "won". The initial payment on this, required to secure the land, is around $45,000. After a good deal of struggling over this choice, I have decided to raise the money to secure the leases. With much advice from my legal team, it has become clear to me that making the down payment on the leases is the best way to protect the land until we can restore open, transparent and democratic procedures for determining the fate of valuable public lands.
Please donate to help protect these 22,500 acres of wilderness (and reduce the chance of prison for me). Together we can protect this land and show that we are all willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a livable future."

Tim will also be at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in Nevada City, CA from January 9 -11. Probing and provocative films to inspire people and unite communities to protect the earth:

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