Flashpoints – January 7, 2009 at 5:00pm

The Death Toll Spikes in Gaza to over 700 dead and three thousand wounded; we feature an eye-witness account of the aerial bombing of dozens of houses in Rafi; we speak to a Lebanese member of the International Solidarity Movement, who was shelled by ship to shore
missiles, while riding in a Red Crescent  ambulance: In the north. We interview the Director of the bombed-out American School in Beit Lahiya, a mile away from where the land invasion began, and where Israeli tanks are still dug in; and finally will speak to a noted Canadian writer and television journalist, about why she sat in and got arrested at the Israeli consulate in Toronto. The night report is on special assignment today, and senior producer Nora Barrows Friedman is on her way to report from Palestine.



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