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Women’s Magazine – The Last Chapter in the Book: A New Beginning

Think the days of 'Help Wanted: Male' and 'Help Wanted: Female' are gone? Not really, say commentators Linda Hirschman and Paula England, who speak with Women's Magazine reporter and producer Kate Raphael about Hirschman's recent op-ed in the New York Times and the women involved in President Elect Barack Obama's transition team. Also, Swedish Social Democrat, Margot Wallstrom, Vice President of the European Commission, discusses her work with the Council of Women World Leaders and her fifty-fifty plan in an interview with Women's Magazine reporter and producer Safi wa Nairobi. And as the year comes to a close, Preeti Shekar and Jovelyn Richards pay tribute to women who have made their transition, including Odetta and Miriam Makeba. We've also got Jovelyn's World, a reminder about the First Voice Apprenticeship Programme openings and the calendar of events for the upcoming week.

Hosted by Preeti Shekar and Jovelyn Richards, with co-production by Safi wa Nairobi.

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