Making Contact

Making Contact – A Journey To Darfur: Rethinking Intervention

It's been 5 years of genocide in Darfur. 300,000 lives have been lost and millions have been displaced. While the UN says lack of security has prevented the full deployment of a peacekeeping force, even Hollywood stars have taken on the cause.
On this edition, we'll hear what it's like to embed with rebels in Darfur who say they are fighting for political and economic rights. And, new perspectives on intervening in the crisis.

Shane Bauer, filmmaker; David Martinez, filmmaker; Selena Brewer, Human Rights Watch Darfur researcher; Ali Muktar Ali, Sudanese Rebel; Idp Umda Hamid Manna, internally displaced peoples camp leader; Ahmed, horse and cart driver.

Executive Producer: Tena Rubio
Contributing Producer:  Pauline Bartolone
Darfur Journalists:  Shane Bauer and David Martinez
Producer/Host: Andrew Stelzer
Associate Producer:  Puck Lo
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Intern: Keisha Thomas

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