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Women’s Magazine – Mental Health: Emotioonal Wellness

Greater Options and Assistance for Lifelong Success for Women–G.O.A.L.S. for Women, is not your traditional mental health resource centre.  For the past five years, G.O.A.L.S for Women has been providing counseling and mental health support services within a homelike atmosphere, complete with videos, music, walls of art. This afternoon, clinicians Gwen Wilson (founder) and Lauren Scally, discuss the importance of mental health for women, especially African American women and women of colour.  G.O.A.L.S for Women welcomes women into a safe, soothing, healing space, located at 3356 Adeline Street here in Berkeley.  Find out more about G.O.A.L.S. for Women, by going to the website at www.goalsforwomen.com. Included in today's show are excerpts from the award-winning documentary, Ethnic Notions, narrated by Esther Rolle and produced by the late Marlon Riggs.  And you do not want to miss this week's segment of Jovelyn's World, as well as Yvette Hochberg's calendar of events for the coming week. 

Hosted by Veronica Faisant and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.

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