Making Contact

Making Contact: Food for Thought. – November 28, 2008

How much does it cost to put food on the table for your family these days?  Definitely more than last year at this time. And it¹s a sure bet that it'll be even higher next year. The cost of producing food is skyrocketing and the basics are becoming out of reach to average American households.
Solutions for an oncoming food crisis are needed locally, nationally and globally.   
On this edition, we take a look at sustainable farming practices. Urban farms in the heart of San Francisco. The future of food production in a skyscraper. And on the ground in a Portland, Maine food bank. Solutions right in our backyards or just down the block.

Trevor Paque, My Farm founder and owner; "Z," My Farm farmer; Larry, Three Stone Heart; Anne Fisher Vollen, My Farm client and Green Zebra founder; Kevin Bayuk, Eco-systemic agricultural consultant; Tree, San Francisco urban farmer; Dr. Dickson Despommier, Columbia University microbiologist and professor; Joel Reed, Preble Street Resource Center food programs manager; Kathy Parker, Portland resident; Cindy Garrison and Jean George, Preble
Street volunteers.

Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Contributing Producers:  Joshua Smith, Matt Fiddler and Lauren Kirby
Tape sync: Laura Vitale
Producer: Andrew Stelzer
Associate Producer:  Puck Lo
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Intern: Keisha Thomas

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