Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 17, 2008

US Seizes Control of AIG with $85 Billion Bailout; Sarah Palin and Global Warming: Alaska Prof. Says Palin Misrepresented State Findings on Endangered Polar Bears…and Tried to Cover It Up; Evo Morales Accuses Right-Wing Governors of Trying to Stage Violent Coup; 30 Dead, Many Still Missing in Pando.

Today’s Headlines

    * US in $85B Bailout of Insurance Giant AIG
    * Obama, McCain Chide Wall Street
    * Dems Fight GOP Foreclosure-Linked Vote Caging
    * Petraeus Ends Iraq Stint; Iraqis Protest Gates Visit
    * 16 Dead in Attack on US Embassy in Yemen
    * 4 Troops Killed in Afghanistan
    * US to Expand Main Afghan Prison
    * Bolivia, Governors Agree to Talks
    * Desperation, Damage Limit Food Relief in Haiti
    * US Rejects Lifting Embargo as Cuba Flooding Damage Tops $5B
    * Ex-Paramilitary Links Colombian General to Death Squads
    * Abbas Repeats Demand for Palestinian State

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