Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 22, 2008

"Free Gaza" Boats Set Sail from Cyprus to Break Israeli Blockade; Afghan Civilians Bear the Brunt of Taliban Violence and US, NATO Bombings; "Trouble the Water" – New Film Provides Firsthand Account of Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath.


    * Possible Withdrawal of US Combat Troops in Iraq Set for 2011
    * Electronic Voting Company Admits System Flaw Could Cause Lost Votes
    * Federal Judge Delays Execution of Jeffery Wood
    * Obama on VP Pick: “I Want Somebody Who’s Independent”
    * McCain Can’t Recall How Many Homes He Owns
    * Death Toll Reaches 70 in Pakistan
    * New Rule on Abortions to Impact Hospitals and Clinics
    * US Releases Iraqi Journalist
    * Marine on Trial for Fallujah Killings
    * Pro-Tibet Activists Speak Out in Beijing


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