Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 15, 2008

Facing Years in US Prison, Iraq War Resister Jeremy Hinzman Ordered Deported from Canada; Alfred Zappala, Peace Activist Who Lost Son in Iraq, Dies at 68; Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy Resources; Naomi Klein and Christian Parenti on How Beijing Olympics Highlight Globalization of Police State, Inequality.


    * 19 Killed in Iraq Double Suicide Bombing
    * US Sailors Charged for Prisoner Abuse at Iraq Jail
    * US, Poland Sign Ballistic Missile Deal
    * Fears Grow of Georgia Humanitarian Crisis
    * Musharraf Resignation Rumored Imminent
    * Exoneration of Israeli Troops in Fatal Shootings Raises Fears of Further Attacks
    * Protesters Injured in West Bank Demonstration
    * IRC Suspends Aid Work in Afghanistan Following Killings
    * British Journalist Arrested in Beijing
    * US Troop Donations Favor Obama over McCain
    * Jackson Browne Sues McCain for Campaign Ad
    * Nader to Hold “Super Rallies” at DNC, RNC
    * La. Officer Indicted in Tasing Death

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