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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 5, 2008

American Foreign Policy Brought to You by China: Advisers to Obama, McCain Tied to US Multinationals that Profit from Beijing; Chevron Lobbies White House to Pressure Ecuador to Stop $12 Billion Amazon Pollution Lawsuit; Ex-UN AIDS Chief Slams CDC as Being "Completely Irresponsible" for Withholding Data Showing US Gov’t Had Understated Number of New AIDS Cases by 40%.

Today’s Headlines

    * Book: White House Ordered CIA to Forge Iraq Intelligence
    * Obama Calls for Tapping Oil Reserves
    * McCain Calls on Congress to Pass Energy Bill
    * Oil & Gas Companies Pour Money into McCain Campaign
    * Denver Creates “Protest Zone” for Obama Nomination Speech
    * Secret Service to Fly Spy Planes Over Denver During DNC
    * Daschle Questions FBI Anthrax Probe
    * Protests in South Korea Set for Bush Visit
    * Israeli PM Candidate Once Sought Deaths of 70 Palestinians a Day
    * Pentagon Opens New Intelligence Unit
    * In Defiance of World Court, Texas to Execute Mexican National
    * Report: Oil Companies Avoid Paying Billions in Royalties
    * FBI Probes Firebombings of UC Santa Cruz Researchers
    * Nader Wins California Peace and Freedom Nomination

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