Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 30, 2008

Field of Schemes: Congress Probes How New Sports Stadiums Turn Public Money into Private Profit; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defends Her Opposition to Impeachment: "If Somebody Had a Crime that the President Had Committed, That Would Be a Different Story." Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic; Report: Vast Majority of African American and Latino Middle-Class Families Are on Shaky Financial Ground.

Today’s Headlines

    * GOP Sen. Ted Stevens Indicted for Corruption
    * World Trade Organization Talks Collapse
    * Air Force Begins Using Reaper Hunter-Killer Drone in Iraq
    * Ex-Pentagon Adviser Richard Perle to Invest in Iraq Oil Deals
    * UK: No One Will Be Prosecuted for Killing of Journalist Terry Lloyd
    * China Accused of Internet Censorship Ahead of Olympics
    * ACLU Warns About Growing Network of Fusion Centers
    * Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian Boy
    * Large Chunk of Arctic Ice Breaks Free in Northern Canada
    * Four Senators Call for Resignation of EPA Chief
    * House Issues Resolution Apologizing for Slavery
    * Army Recruiter Suspended for Threatening Recruit
    * NYPD Officer Stripped of Badge After Tackling Cyclist

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