Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 28, 2008

Obama Holds Brief Q&A Before Thousands of Journalists of Color at UNITY Convention; How Chicago Shaped Obama: A Look at the Rise of a Politician; House Judiciary Committee Holds Historic Hearings on the Case for Impeachment.

Today’s Headlines

    * Reversing Account, US Admits Killing Iraqi Civilians But Won’t Prosecute Soldiers
    * Obama Wraps Up Overseas Trip
    * McCain Denies Supporting Iraq Timetable, Backs Affirmative Action Ban
    * Top McCain Fundraiser Lobbying for Chevron in Amazon Suit
    * 3 Teens Charged in Beating Death of Mexican Immigrant
    * Ex-CIA-Backed Haitian Death Squad Leader Convicted of Mortgage Fraud
    * 1,000 Protest Iowa Immigration Raid
    * 4 Jailed Attempting Citizen’s Arrest on Rove
    * 2 Killed in Tennessee Church Gun Attack
    * 45 Killed in India Bombings
    * 16 Killed in Istanbul Bombings
    * Israel Proceeds with New Settlement Construction
    * McClellan: White House Fed Talking Points to Fox News
    * Lawmakers to Probe Yankee Stadium Bond Sale

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