Radio Chronicles

Radio Chronicles – July 20, 2008

Environmental Justice: Earth Matters
Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen and Earthjustice Vice President for Litigation, Patti Goldman, discuss the role of Earthjustice in enforcing and strengthening environmental laws. Ever wonder why people don’t just change? We hear about environmental destruction around every corner these days and with all this knowledge, it seems like it would be easy to just STOP. Well, it turns out things are not so simple, as Paige Doughty describes in the documentary, The Little Things: What Does it Mean to be an Environmental Citizen in an Unstainable Culture? Also, hear the story of a government program to use nukes to excavate a deep-water harbor in Alaska, and how a small group of Eskimos turned back the feds, secured their own land and changed the global environmental movement in Gabriel Spitzer’s documentary, Nuclear Plowshares.

Produced by Safi wa Nairobi.

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