Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – July 18, 2008

Mutliple Chemical Sensitvity

Host Jackie Barshak addresses Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) with guests Dr. Grace Zinn and Cindy Norwitz.

In this difficult time of forest fires and increased air pollution,Pushing Limits presents a rebroadcast of our program on the pathology and politics of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). MCS causes chronic abnormalities in multiple organs within the body, usually leaving them highly sensitive to the common chemicals we eat, inhale and touch every day Pushing Limits producers John Healy and Doyle Saylor introduce host Jackie Barshak. Jackie Barshak speaks with guests Dr. Grace Ziem, who treats people with MCS – www.chemicalinjury.net, Albert Donnay, cofounder of MCS Resource and Referral www.mcsrr.org, Cindi Norwitz  who lives with MCS and is the founder of an online support group for people living with MCS and Dr. Ann McCampbell, founder of the New Mexico MCS Task Force Jackie Barshak is an art historian living with MCS.  This show originally aired on August 17, 2007.

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