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KPFA Special Broadcast – April 14, 2007

this episode is no longer available

In this last episode, titled "The Future of California Farmworkers," producer Rachel Ann Goodman asks what does it mean that the vast majority of California farm workers are illegal immigrants? As border control efforts close off the pipeline for workers, who grows the crops? Will a guest worker program be any different from the Bracero program? Is California’s growing organic industry any more just to its workers? Where are the unions in all of this? In this program, we hear from berry pickers and flower workers about border crossings, unions, immigration, and living beneath the radar. Jim Hightower speaks about American farm worker policy, and we meet a farmer, Delphina Corcoles, who has moved from being a farm worker, to owning her own organic farm. We also hear from a college graduate who chose to go back to berry picking rather than leave the land and work in an office.

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