Flashpoints – April 13, 2007

Human Rights Abuses Continue in the Land of the Free

We’ll speak with Laila Al-Arian for an update on the health of her father Dr. Sami Al-Arian, who has been a political prisoner for over 1500 days; Also, the United Nations is sending a special investigator on the Human Rights of Migrants to the Bay Area to investigate the recent ICE raids, we’ll hear about that, from a local activist working with the U.N.; A musical tribute to Dennis Bernstein’s mother; Also, A Walk to Free the Children of Hutto Prison Camp, we’ll speak with the organizer of the march; Also, We’ll hear from Elvira Arellano, who has begun a hunger strike as she continues her sanctuary from deportation in a Chicago church; Headlines from the Region; And Flashpoints en Espanol.

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