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Women’s Magazine – April 9, 2007

The progressive media was once the province of a white male elite, but we’ve come a long way baby. Or have we? An analysis of Democracy Now’s 2006 coverage reveals that men were interviewed almost three times as often as women, and a recent issue of the Nation magazine featured no women writers. Today on the Women’s Magazine we discuss these issues with Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, and Katha Pollitt, long-time columnist for The Nation magazine. We’ll also hear voices from the Fourth Annual Women Action And Media conference held last week in Boston.

Immigrant women workers at Emeryville’s Woodfin Suites Hotel may soon be fired for demanding their legally guaranteed living wage. Catalina Vasquez talks to hotel worker and organizer Elia De Leon and organizer Sarah Norr from the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy about their struggle for jobs and justice.

Plus poetry by local artists and the women’s community calendar.

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