Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 23, 2008

Johns Hopkins University Responds to Allegations Toxic Sludge Tested as Lead Poisoning Fix in Poor Black Neighborhoods; Juan Gonzalez on the Puerto Rico Primaries and a NYC Middle School’s Student Uprising Against Standardized Testing; "War, Inc.": John Cusack’s New Film Satirizes the Corruption, Profiteering and Hubris Behind the Iraq War.


    * Senate OKs $165B War Funding Measure
    * Audit: Pentagon Mishandled $8B in Iraq Spending
    * Mourners Bury Victims of Latest US Air Strike in Iraq
    * 2 Iraqi Journalists Killed in Separate Attacks
    * Protesters Disrupt Petraeus Testimony
    * Bush: US Occupation Needed to Thwart Iranian “Ambitions to Dominate” Mideast
    * Cuba Demands White House Answers on Opposition Funding
    * UN Experts: Food Crisis Violates Basic Human Rights
    * 3 Killed in Afghan Protest over US Desecration of Koran
    * UN: Burma Junta OKs Foreign Aid Workers
    * McCain Repudiates Hagee over Hitler Comments
    * Israel Arrests Outspoken Academic Norman Finkelstein

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