Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 16, 2008

Israeli Writer-Activist Tikva Honig-Parnass, Who Fought for Israel’s Founding in 1948, on 60 Years of Palestinian Dispossession and Occupation; As Israelis Celebrate Independence and Palestinians Mark the "Nakba," a Debate with Benny Morris, Saree Makdisi and Norman Finkelstein.


    * China Earthquake Toll Tops 21,500
    * California Supreme Court Overrules Gay Marriage Ban
    * House OKs Iraq Withdrawal Measure
    * McCain Predicts US in Iraq Until 2013
    * Chiding Obama, Bush Likens Iran Talks to Hitler Appeasement
    * Palestinians Denounce Bush Visit to Israel
    * Residents: US Attack Kills 18 in Pakistan
    * US: 2,500 Youths Jailed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo
    * CIA Kidnap Trial Begins in Italy
    * Burger King Fires Exec, Investigator for Targeting Tomato Pickers
    * Admin Promotes GMO Crops in Food Aid Package
    * HIV-Positive Man Sentenced to 35 Years for Spitting at Officers
    * Wheelchair-Bound Scholar Dies in US Jail
    * May 16 is Bike to Work Day

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