Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – May 14, 2008

1968, 40 Years Later: Student, Worker Protests Sweep France, Leaving Indelible Mark on the Country and the World; Legendary Author Gore Vidal on the Bush Presidency, History and the "United States of Amnesia"

Today’s Headlines

    * China Quake Toll Hits 15,000
    * Amidst Desperate Recovery Effort, Burma Could Face New Storm
    * 60 Killed in India Bombing
    * Overnight Clashes Claim 7 Lives in Sadr City
    * Bush: Iran “Biggest Threat” to Mideast Peace
    * Clinton Wins West Virginia Primary
    * Colombia Extradites 14 Paramilitary Leaders to US
    * Berlusconi Can Be Called to Testify in CIA Kidnap Case
    * Report: US Forcibly Injecting Deportees with Psychotropic Drugs

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