Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 8, 2008

200 Arrested in Massive Show of Civil Disobedience Over Police Acquittals in Killing of Sean Bell; As Aid Delivery Arrives in Cyclone-Ravaged Burma, Fears Death Toll Could Top 100,000; Former Senator George McGovern Switches Support from Clinton to Obama; "Torture Team": British Attorney Philippe Sands on the White House Role in Sanctioning Torture; "Economic Hit Man" John Perkins Recounts US Efforts to Block Nationalization of Panama Canal.


    * Burma Cyclone Toll Could Top 100,000
    * Sadr City Residents Told to Flee Homes
    * Report: 10M Children Die Yearly from Preventable Causes
    * Vowing to Press On, Clinton Loans Campaign $6.5M
    * McCain to Yield $7M at New York Fundraiser
    * Independent Whistleblower Agency Targeted in FBI Raid
    * FBI Withdraws National Security Letter Issued to Internet Archive
    * Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Denying Benefits to Gay Couples
    * Philadelphia Police Caught Beating Unarmed Victims

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