Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 7, 2008

Clinton Vows to Stay in the Race as North Carolina, Indiana Primaries Extend Obama’s Lead; Broadcasting Legend Bill Moyers on the 2008 Elections, the Rev. Wright Controversy, the Media, Vietnam and More.

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama Widens Lead Over Clinton with Big NC Win, Narrow Indiana Loss
    * Burma Toll Could Top 80,000
    * White House Missing Emails Around Iraq Invasion
    * Gitmo Lawyers Allege Government Spying
    * San Diego Orders Probe of Blackwater Permit
    * House Subpoenas Cheney Chief of Staff on Interrogation
    * US Re-establishes Navy Fleet in South America
    * Studies: Racial Disparity in Drug Arrests Grows
    * Newly Published Photographs Depict Hiroshima Aftermath
    * Brazilian Jury Overturns Rancher Conviction for Killing of US Nun
    * NY Activists to Protest Sean Bell Killing

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