Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 17, 2008

ABC News Coming Under Criticism for Focus of Obama, Clinton Debate. Nader’s Running Mate Matt Gonzalez on the Dems, the War and the Strategy for November. Law Professor Lawrence Lessig on Net Neutrality, the Rise of Google and His "Change Congress" Project to Take on Corruption in Washington.

Today’s Headlines

    * 20 Palestinians & 3 Israelis Killed in Gaza
    * Israeli Troops Kill Reuters Cameraman
    * US Military Releases AP Photographer Held for Two Years In Iraq
    * Supreme Court Upholds Lethal Injections
    * Pope Expresses Deep Shame Over Sexual Abuse Scandal
    * 400 Detained in Immigration Raids
    * Groups Call for Rice to Resign Over Role in Approving Torture
    * Mistrial Declared Again in Miami Terror Case
    * Report: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Has Been Good for Israel
    * Nigeria Releases US Filmmakers
    * Tim Robbins Slams State of Broadcasting at NAB Meeting

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