Democracy Now 6am

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 10, 2008

Telecom Whistleblower Discovers Circuit that Allows Access to All Systems on Wireless Carrier — Phone Calls, Text Messages, Emails and More. China’s Great Leap: Human Rights Watch on the Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenges. Justice Department Increasingly Avoiding Corporate Prosecutions. Report: 40 Years After King, Little Progress in Closing Economic Inequality Gap Between African Americans and Whites.


    * Report: Top Admin Officials Approved Assault, Waterboarding of CIA Prisoners
    * 4 Killed in US Attack on Sadr City
    * Baghdad Under Curfew on 5th Anniversary of US Seizure
    * Iraqi Judiciary Calls for Release of Bilal Hussein from US Military Jail
    * Dems Seek Delay of Colombia Trade Pact
    * Fighting Renews in Gaza
    * Jimmy Carter to Meet Exiled Hamas Leader
    * Haiti Food Protests Enter 2nd Week
    * IMF: US Mortgage Crisis Worse Shock Since Great Depression
    * Clinton, Wal-Mart Founder Trade Praise in 1991 Video
    * Lawmakers Urge Probe of Alleged Cover-Up on Halloween Photos

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