Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 8, 2008

EXCLUSIVE…In Their First Joint Interview, Two Ex-KBR Employees Say They Were Raped by Co-Workers in Iraq; Stuffed and Starved: As Food Riots Break Out Across the Globe, Raj Patel Details "The Hidden Battle for the World Food System."

Today’s Headlines

    * Petraeus & Crocker to Testify on Capitol Hill
    * Heavy Fighting in Baghdad Kills More than 30 Iraqis
    * US Drafts Document for Open-Ended Military Presence in Iraq
    * State Dept. Defends Renewing Blackwater Contract in Iraq
    * President Bush Urges Congress to Approve Colombian Trade Deal
    * Questions Raised Over New Domestic Satellite Surveillance System
    * Report: Israel Is Secretly Importing Iranian Oil
    * Spy Caught Infiltrating UK Environmental Group
    * Olympics Consider Scrapping Torch Rally Due to Protests
    * Abe Osheroff, 92, Veteran of Abraham Lincoln Brigades, Dies

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