Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 7, 2008

State Dept. Renews Blackwater Contract in Iraq Despite Pentagon Labeling Sept. Baghdad Killing of 17 Civilians "A Criminal Event"; Chilean Writer Isabel Allende on Her Memoir, Her Family, Michelle Bachelet, Torture and Immigration.

Today’s Headlines

    * Report: US No Closer to Achieving Its Goals in Iraq
    * Clinton’s Top Strategist Steps Down After Trade Dispute
    * Obama Adviser: Keep 80,000 Troops in Iraq ’Til Late 2010
    * McCain Jeered for Opposing MLK Holiday in 1980s
    * Four Die in Food Riots in Haiti
    * Food Riots Spread in Africa
    * Food Pantries in NYC Report Major Shortages
    * US Economy Loses 80,000 Jobs
    * Anti-Torture Psychoanalyst Campaigns for APA Presidency
    * Olympic Committee Warns Athletes Against Political Protests
    * Irish Peace Activist Blocked from Entering US
    * Tom Lewis of Catonsville Nine, 69, Dies

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