Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – April 3, 2008

The Green Light: Attorney Philippe Sands Follows the Bush Administration Torture Trail; 1968, Forty Years Later: A Look Back at the Orangeburg Massacre When SC Police Opened Fire on Black Students Protesting Segregation; 1968, Forty Years Later: President Lyndon Johnson Announces No Second Term Amid Low Support for Vietnam War in Aftermath of Tet Offensive.

Today’s Headlines

    * Witnesses: 6 Iraqi Civilians Killed in US Attack in Basra
    * Bush Urges Larger Afghan Occupation, NATO Expansion
    * Leader: Hamas Would Accept State on ’67 Borders
    * WHO: Dozens of Palestinians Die Awaiting Israeli Permission for Medical Treatment
    * Opposition Party Wins Zimbabwe Parliament Vote
    * Ecuadorian Parliament OKs Ban on Foreign Military Bases
    * Bi-Partisan Housing Deal Slights Struggling Homeowners
    * Fed Chair: US “Recession is Possible”
    * EPA Sued on Failure to Regulate Greenhouse Emissions
    * Supreme Court Rejects Puerto Rico Suit Seeking FBI Docs on Rios
    * Chertoff: Many Immigrants Won’t Be Granted Status in Time for November Vote
    * “Fusion Centers” Collect, Share Personal Info of US Citizens
    * Prosecutors Rest Case in Sean Bell Killing Trial

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