Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – March 25, 2008

Body of War: New Doc Tells the Story of a Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran Coming to Terms with Disability and Speaking Out Against War; Paralyzed Iraq Vet Responds to Cheney: "We Didn’t Volunteer Where You Sent Us to Go."


    * Bush to Keep 140,000 Troops in Iraq
    * Bush: Outcome of War Will “Merit the Sacrifice” of 4,000 Dead Troops
    * Heavy Fighting Erupts in Basra, Threatening Ceasefire
    * Sadr Supporters Launch Nationwide Civil Disobedience Campaign
    * Human Rights Activists Disrupt Olympic Torch Ceremony
    * Bhutto Ally Sworn in as Pakistan’s New Prime Minister
    * Americans Spend More on Food, Energy & Medical Care
    * One in Ten Residents of Ohio Receive Food Stamps
    * Sen. Clinton Admits She Misspoke about Bosnia Trip
    * Arab League Calls for Nuclear Free Middle East
    * Ecuador Considers Bringing Charges Against Colombia
    * Starbucks Ordered to Pay More than $100 Million in Back Tips
    * More Headlines…

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