Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – March 17, 2008

Winter Soldier: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War; 1968, Forty Years Later: My Lai Massacre Remembered by Survivors, Victims’ Families and US War Vets.


    * Global Economy Shaken by Fall of Bear Stearns
    * Bush on the Economy: I Am an “Optimistic Fellow”
    * Food Prices Continue to Rise
    * 80 Feared Dead in Tibet; China Cracks Down on Protest
    * McCain & Cheney Visit Iraq
    * Poll: Two-Thirds of Iraqis Say US Should Leave
    * Bush “A Little Envious” of US Troops in Afghanistan
    * House Rejects Telecom Immunity
    * US Admits Afghani Held in Secret CIA Prison
    * 24 Arrested at Chevron Protest
    * Fifth Anniversary of Death of Rachel Corrie

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