Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 28, 2008

Jeremy Scahill: Despite Antiwar Rhetoric, Clinton-Obama Plans Would Keep US Mercenaries, Troops in Iraq for Years to Come; Ex-Speechwriter, Confidante Dr. Vincent Harding on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Courageous -and Overlooked – Antiwar and Economic Justice Activism; William F. Buckley Dies at 82; A Look Back at his 1969 Debate with Noam Chomsky on Vietnam.


    * 20 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Attacks on Gaza
    * Poll: Most Israelis Support Hamas Ceasefire
    * Jailed Afghan Journalist Declared Enemy Combatant
    * US: Karzai Controls Less than Third of Afghanistan
    * DIA Head Calls Waterboarding “Inhumane”
    * Colombian Rebels Free Four More Hostages to Venezuela
    * Bush: US “Three Words” from Missile Shield Deal with Czech Republic
    * Leading Iraqi Journalist Slain in Baghdad
    * US OKs Continued Turkish Offensive in Northern Iraq
    * Rice Apologizes for US Rape Allegations in Japan
    * Radiohead Frontman Backs Emission Cuts in Europe
    * Nationwide Vigils for Gay Teen Slain in Apparent Hate Crime
    * Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Exxon Valdez Suit
    * Alaskan Tribe Sues 24 Companies for Village Erosion
    * Three Arrested Protesting Peru Trade Deal at Clinton Office
    * Two Former Clinton Supporters Throw Support to Obama
    * Bush Admin to Delay US-Mexico “Virtual” Border
    * Bloomberg Won’t Run in ’08, Nader to Announce Running Mate

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