Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 27, 2008

Clinton, Obama Hold Final Debate Before Pivotal Votes Next Week; Holes in the Wall: Texas Border Wall Bypassing Wealthy Residents with Bush Admin Ties; Blue Covenant: Maude Barlow on the Global Movement for Water Justice.

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama, Clinton Hold Final Debate Before Key Primaries
    * Senate Votes to Debate Iraq Withdrawal
    * 7 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Airstrike
    * Israel Clears Military in 2006 Killing of 21 Civilians
    * Bolivian Minister to Lobby Congress on US Destabilization
    * New York Orchestra Performs in North Korea
    * Annan Halts Kenya Mediation Talks
    * Supreme Court to Rule on Exxon Oil Spill Damages
    * Texas Youth Jail Sued for Sexual, Physical Abuse of Children
    * Czech Republic, US Meet on Missile Plans
    * Ashcroft to Testify on No-Bid Contract
    * Soldier Plans Own Shooting to Avoid 2nd Iraq Deployment

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