Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 18, 2008

In Tight Democratic Race, Could Campaign Donations and Personal Views Influence Potentially Decisive Superdelegate Vote?; Analyst: On Africa Visit, Bush Pushes Agenda of Continent-Wide U.S. Military Expansion; In Africa, Bush Touts Record AIDS Relief under his Administration, but Funding Restrictions Tell a Different Story on the Ground.

Today’s Headlines

    * Surveillance Law Expires as House Dems Defy Bush
    * U.S. Issues Record Beef Recall
    * 100 Killed in Worst Afghan Suicide Bombing Since U.S. Invasion
    * Kosovo Declares Independence from Serbia
    * Sunni Militia Ends Cooperation with U.S. over Civilian Deaths
    * Long Delay on Vehicles Led to Deaths, Injuries of Hundreds of Marines
    * Pakistan Holds Parliamentary Vote
    * Olmert Israel Can “Attack Everyone”
    * UN Humanitarian Chief: End to Gaza Blockade
    * Chavez: Venezuela Won’t Cut Oil Exports Unless U.S. Attacks
    * Scientists: Govt. Suppressing Report on Toxicity in Great Lakes Region
    * CIA Shuts Down 10 Fake Companies Intended for Spying
    * FBI Mistakenly Accessed Email Accounts Based on Single Warrant

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