Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 14, 2008

Entertainment Writers Claim Victory in Deal Ending 14-Week Strike; "Chocolate’s Bittersweet Economy": Cocoa Industry Accused of Greed, Neglect for Labor Practices in Ivory Coast; Theo Chocolate Founder, CEO Joe Whinney on Fair Trade Cocoa.


* Senate Approves Waterboarding Ban
* House Rejects Extending Surveillance Law
* Boeing Rendition Suit Dismissed in U.S. Court
* Iraq Approves Amnesty Law
* Venezuelans Protest ExxonMobil on Asset Freeze
* U.S. Labor Delegation Lobbies Colombia on Union Killings
* Bolivia: Spy-Linked U.S. Embassy Official Won’t Return
* Timorese President Recovers Amidst Reconciliation Calls
* Following Historic Apology, Australia’s Aborigines Call for Indigenous Panel
* Heath Risks to Displace 100,000 Katrina Evacuees from Government Trailers
* Attorney: Charge Officers for Throwing Quadriplegic from Wheelchair
* ‘92 Clinton Campaign Manager Endorses Obama

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