Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – February 7, 2008

With Obama-Clinton Race Deadlocked, Focus Turns to Delegates (and Superdelegates); The 9/11 Commission & Torture: How Information Gained Through Waterboarding & Harsh Interrogations Form Major Part of 9/11 Commission Report; EXCLUSIVE: Former 9/11 Commission Chief Philip Zelikow on Allegations He Secretly Allowed Karl Rove & White House to Influence 9/11 Probe.


    * As Campaign Spending Soars, Clinton Loans Campaign $5 Million
    * Both Clinton & Obama Claim To Win Super Tuesday
    * McCain Vows To Unite Republican Party
    * Los Angeles County to Review Super Tuesday Ballots
    * Bush Administration Urges Judge to Toss Torture Flight Suit
    * UN’s Top Torture Investigation Criticizes U.S. For Waterboarding
    * Mukasey Urges Congress to Block Early Release for Crack Offenders
    * Report: U.S. Operating Secret Prison at Guantanamo
    * Turkey Bombs 77 Targets in Raid on Northern Iraq
    * Hate Crimes Charge Filed In Megan Williams Case
    * Nader Wins Green Party Primary In California
    * More Headlines…

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