Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – January 29, 2008

Kathleen Newman & Barbara Ehrenreich: Bush Has Ignored the Working Poor and Failed to Address Growing Economic Inequality
Bush Touts Outcome of Iraq Troop "Surge," Repeats Threats Against Iran
Bush Urges Congress to Grant Immunity to Major Telecom Corporations & Permanently OK Warrantless Domestic Surveillance

Today’s Headlines

    * Bush Defends Iraq Surge and Issues New Warning to Iran
    * As Housing Crisis Worsens, Bush Calls For Tax Cuts For The Rich
    * Bush Urges Approval of New Spying Bill & Telecom Immunity
    * Bush Administration Seeks $70 Billion For Wars
    * Sen. Kennedy Compares Barack Obama to JFK
    * Former Obama Fundraiser Antoin Rezko Jailed in Illinois
    * Bush OKs Spy Agencies to Some Monitor Internet Traffic
    * Israel Blocks Aid Convoy From Reaching Gaza
    * Protesters Rally in London As Musharraf Meets Gordon Brown
    * Report: Deaths of 19 Veterans Link to Mistreatment in VA Hospital
    * Vermont Town To Vote on Indicting Bush & Cheney
    * Prep School Cancels Rove Commencement Address
    * Eleven Jailed For Protesting At School of the Americas

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