Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – January 22, 2008

As Gaza Plunges into Darkness, Israeli and Palestinian Fighters-Turned-Peace-Activists Speak Out.
"An Opportunity to Look at Ourselves and Reorder Our Priorities" – Legendary Activist Grace Lee Boggs on the Ailing Economy, the Legacy of Dr. King and the 2008 Race.

Today’s Headlines

    * World Stock Prices Plummet Amid Fears of Global Recession
    * Economist: U.S. Could Face “A Real Depression” Like in 1929
    * Israel Blockade Leaves Gaza In Darkness
    * UN Rapporteur Accuses Israel of War Crimes
    * Democrats Debate in South Carolina
    * CNN Excludes Kucinich From Debate
    * Clinton & Romney Win in Nevada; McCain Takes South Carolina
    * New Questions Raised Over Missing White House Emails
    * Canada Removes U.S. & Israel From Torture Watch List
    * 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Marked

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