Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – January 17, 2008

Showdown in Nevada: Unions Face Off Over Casino Caucus Sites.
Unemployment, Foreclosure, Deunionization: A Look at the State of the Economy and Organized Labor in Michigan.
Report: Subprime Mortgage Crisis Causing African Americans to Experience Greatest Loss of Wealth in Modern U.S. History.
Romney’s Bain Capital Profited Through Offshore Tax Havens, Closing U.S. Factories, Laying Off Workers.


    * U.S. Bombings in Iraq Increased Fivefold in 2007
    * Justice Dept. Warns of No Charges in Blackwater Killing of Iraqis
    * RTI, Unity Resources Sued for Fatal Shooting of Iraqi Civilian
    * 3 Palestinian Civilians Killed in Ongoing Israeli Airstrikes
    * Kenyan Police Fire on Protesters
    * Czech Republic: Deal Close on U.S. Missile Shield
    * Anti-Whaling Activists Captured, Held on Japanese Ship
    * Admin Exempts Navy from Sonar Ban
    * Obama Appears to Laud Reagan for Confronting 1960-70s “Excesses”
    * Admin: Emails May Be Lost to “Recycled” Tapes
    * Virginia Measure Would OK Firings of Non-English Speaking Workers
    * U.S. Abortions at Thirty-Year Low
    * Emergency Heating Funds Cover Just 16% of Eligible Homes
    * Anti-Fascist Commander Milton Wolff Dies at 92

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